Discmania’s Deep in the Game: Excellent Instructional Videos for Serious Disc Golfers

Disc golfers who are serious about improving their skills in the great sport of disc golf, will be interested in Discmania's newly released documentary series aimed to get the viewer "under the pro player's skin." "Deep in the Game" takes disc golf videos to a whole new level.

Disc golf.
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Discmania hopes to inspire players to reinvent their game. In addition to detailed "how-to" explanations, viewers will be able to watch disc golf being played and explained in a way that will help advance their skills unlike the average instructional video that can be found online. "Deep in the Game" also offers "eye-candy by extraordinary camera angles and movie-like storytelling."

The high quality production shorts showcase five different disc golf clinics presented by 2009 PDGA World Champion Avery Jenkins and three-time Finnish Champion Jussi Meresmaa.

Each episode is about ten minutes long, is presented in HD quality and concentrates on a separate aspect of disc golf. The episodes also provide a new perspective to players as well as tips within a fun learning experience.

Episode one is all about putting and will be featured on April 16. Episode two will air April 30 and will help disc golfers improve and learn proper backhand techniques, while episode three will air on May 14 and is focused on the sidearm throw. Episode four, airing on May 28, will feature the mental aspect of the game, and finally, episode five titled, "Monster Distance," will focus on distance shots and air on June 11.

If you're wondering what the catch is, there isn't any! Players like Jenkins and Meresmaa hope to spread the word about this great sport and help players improve their game purely for the love of disc golf. Jenkins has been a member of the PDGA Board of Directors for the past two years. This week he wrote about his experience in the position and said, " I do my best to increase the quality of standardized, competitive play, while representing the voice of our membership."

Jenkins is one of the biggest ambassadors of the sport and a touring professional who begins his 13th season playing tournaments throughout the US and abroad this year. He's recognized as one of the longest throwers in the game and has achieved great success on the PDGA Tour.

Meresmaa is from Tampere, Finland and has been playing disc golf professionally since 1998. In addition to being a three-time Finnish champion, he's the 2008 World Distance Champion and the Finnish distance record holder. He's even designed more than 80 Disc Golf Courses over the past five years.

Players like Jenkins and Meresmaa are just two of the many reasons why I love disc golf, and in the future I hope their efforts, and the efforts of so many exceptional disc golfers, will be greatly rewarded.

The first time K.C. Dermody played disc golf was in the spectacular Black Hills of South Dakota. She has since become addicted to promoting the sport, and enjoys playing in the beautiful Pacific Northwest. She welcomes comments and suggestions, with the goal of promoting the sport of disc golf throughout the world. Find her on www.facebook.com/KCDermodyWriter or Twitter @kcdermody.

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Updated Thursday, Apr 5, 2012