WWE Wrestler Maven Huffman Arrested on Drug Charges

Although former WWE superstar Maven Huffman established himself as tough enough on the popular WWE and MTV series "Tough Enough," he wasn't tough enough to handle the pain of life off the road. Huffman, who was recognized by his first name only, Maven, labored for the WWE starting in 2001. He was released in 2005. Maven was known for being the first male Tough Enough champion. Maven was arrested for "doctor shopping." The process of doctor shopping describes a person who goes to multiple doctors seeking prescriptions for narcotics from each physician. It's an illegal practice in the state of Florida, where the arrest took place. The narcotics in question were identified as Oxycodone and Hydrocone. Maven isn't the only wrestler to have been arrested on drug charges. Here are the top three drug charge arrests in professional wrestling.

Maven Huffman in 2007

Lex Luger

After the untimely death of his girlfriend Miss Elizabeth, police foraged through the home of the former "Total Package" Lex Luger. Inside the domicile, the Atlanta Police Department found more than 1,000 illegal pills. The former WCW Heavyweight Champion was charged with a whopping 13 counts of drug possession. A felony in Georgia. The charges also led to an eventual arrest from a probation offense, and Luger ended up in jail. Since then, Luger has found God and become a Christian. Still, these drug charges remain a significant blemish on his successful career.

Jeff Hardy

One half of the popular WWE tag team The Hardy Boyz, Jeff Hardy was arrested in September 2009 on drug charges. The long time performer had been a well known drug user, and a habitual offender of the WWE wellness policy. Hardy's house was raided after police accepted an anonymous tip from an outsider. The celebrated wrestler, known for his signature move the Swanton Bomb, was found in possession of Vicodin, Soma, cocaine, and anabolic steroids. Hardy later plead guilty to the charges.

Jim Duggan and Iron Sheik

In one of the most infamous wrestling tales, in-ring rivals "Hacksaw" Jim Duggan and the Iron Sheik, were arrested together in May 1987 on drug charges. The two wrestlers were traveling through New Jersey when they were pulled over by State Troopers. The reputed babyface Jim Duggan was cited with possession of marijuana and drunk driving. His enemy and driving buddy Iron Sheik was charged with possession of marijuana and cocaine. The charges against Duggan were dropped, and Sheik served a year probation. This took place in a time when pro wrestling was still "real" to some populace.

For Maven Huffman, this will serve as a wake up call. Narcotic addiction is a cursed disease, and one that many professional wrestlers face. With Maven now off the road and not wrestling full time, I hope his recovery will be final and he can get his life back together.

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Updated Wednesday, Apr 4, 2012