The PBA Carmen Salvino Classic to Be Aired by ESPN on April 1, 2012: A Fan’s Take

Ronnie Russell will get another chance at his first PBA Tour Title this weekend when ESPN airs the Carmen Salvino Classic on Sunday, April 1, at 1 p.m. EST. As reported by Jerry Schneider at, this weekend's tournament will be a four-player eliminator format consisting of three single-game rounds. The first round will include Ronnie Russell, Jason Belmonte, Wes Malott and No. 1 seed Andres Gomez.


Wes Malott recently earned his first major title in three seasons when, along with bowling legend Norm Duke, he won the Roth-Holman PBA Doubles Championship. During that same tournament, Ronnie Russell, the No. 1 seed, was teamed up with Sean Rash. Duke and Malott bested Russell and Rash in the final round, forcing Russell to continue the struggle for his first PBA Tour title.

This weekend, on April 1, Ronnie Russell will once again face Wes Malott as he attempts to secure his first title - a landmark victory for a guy who has been seeking such a victory since 2003. It is worth noting that all four bowlers appearing in this weekend's Carmen Salvino Classic were also competitors in the March 25 Roth-Homan Doubles Championship, so it will be interesting to see them share lanes again only a week later.

In most cases, I pull for bowlers who are seeking their first PBA title or the successful guys like Sean Rash and Wes Malott who are proven winners, but for whatever reason, have been unable to secure a title recently. When it comes to the Carmen Salvino Classic, I have a few choices - at least in the first round. I would love to see Ronnie Russell, a bowler I admire, secure his first major title. Likewise, however, it is hard not to pull for Wes Malott. He is an extremely likeable guy who just ended a three-season dry spell, and it would be rewarding to watch him win another title just one week after his victory at the Roth-Holman Doubles Championship.

I personally like it when a tournament boils down to a final round in which I'm forced to make a tough decision in terms of rooting for a bowler. As such, I hope to see Ronnie Russle and Wes Malott eliminate the other two competitors during the first two games to face one another in the final round.

Christopher Brown is an amateur bowler who closely follows PBA events, but has never competed on a serious level. Above all, he appreciates the mutual respect and friendliness that is found within the bowling community. Bowling has proven to be a rewarding pastime for Chris and his two sons who share an equally strong attraction to the sport.


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Updated Friday, Mar 30, 2012