The Top 5 Wrestling Odd Couples in History

Wrestling odd couples

Funny things happen when people travel together for nearly the entire year. With wrestlers being on the road so much, Cupid sometimes has few options when deciding to form couples. There are many odd characters in wrestling so it only makes sense that there have been quite a few odd couples through the years. Take a look back at the top five odd couples in wrestling history.

5. Santino Marella and Beth Phoenix

One of the most charismatic men in the WWE, Santino Marella can make even the most boring storyline entertaining. When he took a fancy to Beth Phoenix, wrestling had one of its oddest couples in history. The height of this odd couple was when Marella took to calling Phoenix the "glamorous Amazon," instead of the "glamazon."

4. Balls Mahoney and Kelly Kelly

In the glory days of ECW, Balls Mahoney was one of the oddest wrestlers in a locker room filled with odd characters. Kelly Kelly on the other hand was beautiful with a smile that could light up a room. When ECW moved to the WWE, no one would have ever dreamt that Balls Mahoney and Kelly Kelly would become a couple, but it happened.

3. Eric Young and ODB

The most recent odd couple in history, Eric Young and ODB are TNA's entry on this list. ODB is a massive female wrestler who drinks hard liquor. Eric Young is the Santino Marella of TNA. When Eric Young proposed to ODB, she turned the tables on Young by proposing to him, proving she was the assertive one of the couple.

2. Viscera and Lilian Garcia

I had an incredibly difficult time choosing which of these top two odd couples would earn the top spot on this list. As a ring announcer, Lilian Garcia has been perhaps the classiest female in WWE history. Viscera, on the other hand, was one of the biggest, ugliest wrestlers in history. Only in wrestling could these two become a couple.

1. Mark Henry and Mae Young

In the end, I named Mark Henry and Mae Young the oddest couple in wrestling history because of how their odd relationship ended. Somehow, the elderly Mae Young never lost her enthusiasm for the opposite gender in her golden years. In a moment of creative brain cramp, the WWE had Mae Young give birth … to a hand!

Honorable mention wrestling odd couples

David Flair and Daffney, Edge and Vickie Guerrero, Dusty Rhodes and Sapphire

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Updated Friday, Mar 23, 2012