The Five Lamest Finishing Moves in the WWE: Fan’s Opinion

To make it big in the WWE, it certainly helps to have an awesome finishing move. When you think about the great stars in pro wrestling history, they all had that signature move. Stone Cold Steve Austin needed his Stone Cold Stunner. The Rock had to have his People's Elbow and C.M. Punk would be lost without The Go to Sleep. Unfortunately, some of the finishing moves in the WWE are simply lame. As a fan, I chuckle every single time they use them. Picking the five worst was not easy because there were so many to choose from, but here they are:

The Big Show - WMD (Weapon of Mass Destruction)

The Big Show is somewhat lucky here because he actually has several finishing moves. The WMD, however, is the lamest of them all by far. What is it? A simple punch to the face that knocks an opponent out immediately is his claim to fame. Okay, I get it. The Big Show likely would knock you out with one punch. Still, why not simply use that at the start of every match? The realism factor is silly that he would take punishment all match long and then suddenly use the WMD.

Santino Marella - The Cobra

Santino is fun and hilarious, but this finishing move is a joke to anybody that takes wrestling remotely serious. I love the fun stuff, but at least make the moves somewhat realistic, WWE.

Mick Foley - Mr. Socko

See Santino Marella above for explanations why. Sure Mick Foley's dirty socks in your mouth would incapacitate you, but not because it hurt.

Christian - The Killswitch

Though creative, every time I see Christian do the Killswitch I find myself wondering why someone does not simply take a step backwards. The move has a ton of holes in it and makes little sense, though I love Christian as a wrestler. I wish he would move on to a new finisher.

Triple H - The Pedigree

I will likely get some grief over adding this one, but it simply does not look like it would hurt. The only way to make it hurt would be to literally not let go of the arms, in which case you would break your nose. The WWE can't do that, so Triple H has to let go. That makes the move look lame to me. I think Triple H is one of the greatest of all time, but I don't think his Pedigree fits that description at all.

*Southern is a huge wrestling fan that has loved pro wrestling since he was a kid. Growing up in Greensboro, NC, he was fortunate to watch the Four Horsemen and the NWA during the glory days.

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Updated Monday, Mar 19, 2012