March Madness: 5 Great Movies About Basketball

With March Madness here and the NBA season finally getting exciting, it may seem like basketball is everywhere. If you are one of those fans who can't get enough hoops, you can always fill in the time between games with one of these iconic basketball films.

'White Men Can't Jump'

This movie isn't about an NBA, college, or high school team, but it is a film about basketball hustlers. Starring Woody Harrelson and Wesley Snipes, this movie has some great action shots and some great lines. It is entertaining and funny, and is a great way to start off any basketball movie marathon.

'Space Jam'

"Space Jam" may not be the most critically acclaimed basketball movie out there, but it is a great one to watch with the kids. Michael Jordan is suprisingly good in the flick, playing along side the Looney Tunes. There are also some great cameos by NBA legends like Larry Bird and Patrick Ewing. Even basketball mega-fan Bill Murray plays a part in "Space Jam."

'Coach Carter'

"Coach Carter" stars Samuel L Jackson, and is based on a real story of a high school basketball team whose coach cancels all appearances until the students do better academically. It is a "Lean on Me" type of movie; not necessarily the most original story, but it is an entertaining movie with some great performances.

'He Got Game'

This movie deals with a high school basketball player, Jesus Shuttlesworth, who is being sought after by all of the big schools. Denzel Washington does an excellent job playing the boy's father, who can get released from prison early if he can convince his son to go to a specific school. It is an emotional movie that is a great watch during March Madness.


"Hoosiers" is on the same level as "Brian's Song" and "Rudy" as one of the most revered sports movies of all time. Starring Gene Hackman, it is the story of a small-town high school team from the heart of Indiana in 1954. The film is almost required watching in Indiana, and should be at the top of any basketball fan's viewing list.

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Updated Sunday, Mar 11, 2012