Ex WWE World Champion Gets Humiliated at Wrestling Show

"Psycho" Sid Vicious always said he was "the man who ruled the world." But it looks like the world got one over on the near seven foot tall monster on Friday night. Sid, whose real name is Sidney Eudy, was scheduled to wrestle at a local independent wrestling event in New Jersey. However, Sid called the promoter on the morning of the show, hours before the event was to take place, and back out of the event. Vicious claimed his wallet was stolen at the airport and he could not board the flight. Sid has a checkered history when it comes to showing up for independent wrestling events.

Sid Vicious in 2008. Credit Christine Coons.

Rather than just let things slide off their back, the wrestling promoter for Pro Wrestling Syndicate told the 700 fans in attendance that their beloved hero Sid Vicious no-showed the occasion. The promoter then proceeded to call Sid, while standing in the center of the ring, and voiced his displeasure with a voicemail. The promoter even encouraged the patrons to deride Vicious on the voicemail. As if that was not enough, the promoter did not stop there. He then gave the 700 supporters in attendance Sid Eudy's cell phone number and encouraged to call and leave him a message. It was both brilliant and unprofessional.

On one hand, it was very unprofessional for the promoter to release private information to 700 strangers. Although the frustration the promoter must have been feeling was presumably uncomfortable, it's still not right. It's a sure sign of immaturity and could certainly lead to superstars in the future not collecting bookings from the company. After all, what if Sid is telling the truth and he really did lose his wallet and unable to board the plane?

Of course, on the other hand, I think this was a brilliant act from the promoter. All too often independent wrestling promoters are at a disadvantage when booking former TV stars. If the superstar elects to no-show the situation, the promoter could deplete his business, all his money and who knows what else. By standing up to Sid, this promoter may start a trend of wrestling promoters letting stars know that if they no-show an event, there will be retribution.

Friday night's event in New Jersey still went on as planned. The promoter replaced the former WWE Heavyweight Champion with former TNA and current Ring of Honor Television Champion Jay Lethal. Before Lethal's bout against Matt Hardy, Lethal did an impression of Sid Vicious to the delight of the fans in attendance. Disaster averted.

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Updated Saturday, Mar 10, 2012