The Best Music to Accompany Your Yoga Workout

Yoga and music are both passions of mine since they are very therapeutic in nature to me. By combining both tunes and yoga poses (asanas) you can get a workout like no other. You can create an awesome experience, depending on your music choices and rather you are performing poses to relax or rejuvenate. I will list the best music to listen to while performing yoga for those wanting to relax, as well as my top picks for those wanting to wake up.

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The best yoga music when wanting to awaken the body and mind

When performing yoga in the morning and seeking to wake up, try listening to Yoga Revolution. Some of the music has a medium tempo and other songs have a faster one. Popular artists featured on this album include Sarah McLachlan and Sheryl Crow.

An upbeat album that is sure to wake you up during yoga is The Soul Surfer Soundtrack. "The Sound of Sunshine" will wake you up as the sun rises, and "Firework" by Chris Sligh is sure to be rejuvenating and spirit lifting.

Yoga Sol was put together by Shiva Rea, a powerflow yoga DVD instructor. Shiva's music choices are sure to get you moving, rather you are enjoying sun salutations or other yoga sequences.

Supreme sounds for those who want to relax during yoga

When wanting a a 3-dimensional sound experience, listen to the Garden of the Goddess CD by Tajalli. This music will make you feel connected to nature and help you to ease into a relaxed state of mind. "Rainmaker" will make you feel as though you are in the rainforest itself, surrounded by birds and gentle rain drops. Close your eyes while listening to "Angels of the Sea" to be transformed to a salty ocean paradise.

The Ultimate Most Relaxing Classical Chill in the Universe is an album that will help you sink deep into relaxation with excellent classical music composers, such as Beethoven and Mozart. This CD is packed full of 20 relaxing songs.

If you enjoy listening to the flute, try Healing Flute Chakras. This album features the flute unaccompanied by voice, and titles include "Bliss" and "Spiritual Eye."

Yoga is great to help the body wake up, and it is also excellent when you need to wind down. Choose the best music to accompany your practice, depending on the time of the day and your desired results. Enjoy your asanas!

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Updated Monday, Feb 6, 2012