Three Ways Wearing a Sports Bra Can Benefit a Female Athlete

What a female athlete wears while working out or participating in sports is just as important as stretching, and can significantly decrease her risk of injury. A female athlete needs to be aware of the health benefits that wearing a sports bra can have on her, which can help her become successful in sports.

Here are three of the biggest health benefits that wearing a sports bra can have on a female athlete.

Can Decrease Back Pain

If a female athlete wears a comfortable sports bra, it can help her decrease back pain, which is a common problem during athletic activity. When a female athlete is running or moving around during physical activity, the breasts will often bounce, and this causes stress on the back muscles. If a female athlete wears a sports bra, she can run or move freely, without worrying about the possibility of back strain. Back pain can be caused by the breasts not being properly supported, so a sports bra will give a female athlete that level of support, without hindering athletic movement. A sports bra can also help a female athlete maintain better posture, which can decrease back pain, and decrease muscle spasms. If a female athlete is often bending over or doing various exercise poses, the back pain can worsen without a sports bra, and can also lead to spinal problems.

Less Skin Irritation

A female athlete that chooses to wear a sports bra will also have less skin irritation, which can significantly reduce the risk of a skin infection. If a female athlete wears certain bras with lace or designs on them, this can cause skin irritation to occur, especially if she is a runner or weightlifter. If a female athlete suffers a skin infection due to a bad bra, this can cause her significant pain, and can lead to serious health complications. A female athlete that is often outside during the summer heat will be more prone to skin irritation, so wearing a sports bra can help control the risk of heat related irritation. Skin irritation can occur when the sweat sits inside of the bra, and the more a female athlete moves, the worse the irritation can get. If a female athlete does not wear a sports bra when exercising, then she can develop open sores as a result of the constant irritation around the breast area.

Can Control Sweat and Body Temperature

If a female athlete wears a sports bra during sports or exercise, she can significantly control sweat, which can help regulate body temperature. If a female athlete wears fabric that is not made from mesh or wick material, she can develop skin irritation due to sweat sitting inside of the bra, and this can lead to health problems. A female athlete that allows sweat to build up inside her bra is also at risk for acne on the back, and this can lead to discomfort or pain. Sports bras allow for air to get through the material, which can control sweat, and allow the sweat to exit out of the bra. A female athlete that wears a sports bra will feel dry through her workout, which can help control her internal body temperature, and decrease her risk of becoming dehydrated.

Jeanne Rose previously worked as a dietary clerk in a hospital, went to vocational school for Allied Health, and obtained certification in nurse assisting.

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Updated Thursday, Jan 26, 2012