Breaking Down the WWE Tag Team Scene

The tag team of Air Boom lost their WWE tag team titles to Primo and Epico at a house show and then lost in the rematch on WWE Monday Night Raw before it was announced that Evan Bourne was suspended for 60 days for violating the Wellness Policy. With this latest setback, I have to wonder if the tag team division in the WWE is finally dead.

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Primo and Epico

Epico and Primo are the new tag team champions, and with Rosa Mendes, they have a decent gimmick but I don't think they have much upside in the tag team division. Neither of the men have the charisma of Primo's older brother Carlito and they lack the excitement of a team like Air Boom.They are just another tag team.

The Usos

There is one promising tag team in the WWE in the Uso brothers but the WWE has fumbled the ball horribly with them. When twins, Jimmy and Jay Uso, debuted in the WWE, they had the look and intensity to stand out in the tag team division. They are also generational superstars, the sons of Rikishi. However, after a short time where the WWE pushed them upon their entry, they have since been buried with loss after loss. Now, they are feuding with Primo and Epico for the tag team titles and that shows the direness of the division.

Tyson Kidd

Another promising tag team that the WWE dropped the ball on was the Hart Dynasty. They had the look and ability to be a big time contender but they released David Hart Smith and Kidd has been jobbing to almost everyone lately. In a recent interview with the "Toronto Sun," Kidd said he is looking for a new tag team partner because that is the style of wrestling he prefers. The three names he mentioned were Johnny Curtis, Justin Gabriel and Trent Baretta. He said he worked best with Gabriel and I think that would be a great tag team.

Other than that, there is nothing to speak of in the WWE right now. What was once a thriving tag team division is now vacant of any promise.

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Updated Saturday, Jan 21, 2012