Ted Williams Voted into the Hall: This Day in Sports History—January 20

The date January 20 is a special one in the United States because every four years it is the day that the president is sworn into office. January 20 wasn't always the date that the president took office, before 1933 the date was March 4. In 1937 Franklin D. Roosevelt was the first president sworn into office on this date. It remains to be seen who will do the same in 2013.

Now here are five sports events that have taken place on January 20.

Basketball is officially born: In the middle of a Springfield, Massachusetts winter in 1892 James Naismith introduced the game of basketball at the local YMCA. The initial game was played with peach baskets, a soccer ball and nine people per side. The final score of the 30 minute game was 1-0, so either the defense was incredible or the offense just didn't gel. There is also no evidence of the rumor that Paul Pierce was there complaining he got fouled after every shot he took.

Negro League legend dies: The man known as the Babe Ruth of the Negro League, Josh Gibson, dies in 1947. Gibson was just 35 years old when he died of a stroke. He played 17 seasons and hit more than 900 home runs in that time. He never got the chance to play in the majors. In 1972 he was inducted into the National Baseball Hall of Fame.

The Splendid Splinter gets hall call: The man that some consider the greatest hitter that ever lived, Ted Williams, is voted into the Hall of Fame in 1966. Williams was named on 282 of the 302 ballots cast, I would like to know how 20 writers thought that Williams was not a Hall of Famer. He had a career batting average of .344, an on base percentage of .482 and 521 home runs. He put up these great numbers while losing three peak years because he was serving his country in World War II. Again I ask what were the 20 knuckleheads who did not have Williams marked on their ballots thinking.

Niners win second title: The two teams that were seeded number one in their conferences met in Super Bowl XIX. The San Francisco 49ers beat the Miami Dolphins, 38-16, on this date in 1985. The game was held at Stanford Stadium in Palo Alto, California. 49ers quarterback Joe Montana threw for 331 yards and three touchdowns, while rushing for another score. Dolphins quarterback Dan Marino almost matched Montana in yards; he had 318, but also threw two interceptions. It would be the only Super Bowl that Marino would appear in during his storied career.

Favre's Packers career ends: In the NFC Championship game in 2008 at Lambeau Field the New York Giants squeaked out a 23-20 overtime win against the Green Bay Packers. The contest was Brett Favre's last game as a Packer. He spent 16 of his 20 years in the NFL with Green Bay. Favre threw an interception, caught by Corey Webster, which set up the Giants game winning field goal. Interceptions were nothing new to Favre as he finished his career with the most all time, 310, 33 more than the next highest quarterback.

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Updated Friday, Jan 20, 2012