WWE Changing Tag Team Belts at Live Event a Wise Move: Fan’s Opinion

New WWE Tag Team Champions

Over the weekend, the WWE crowned new tag team champions at a live event. Epico and Primo defeated the reigning WWE Tag Team Champions Air Boom. Besides the rare occasion of a title change taking place at a WWE Live Event, there is another twist to this story.

Evan Bourne suspended again

It has become abundantly clear that the reason the tag team belts switched hands is that Evan Bourne, one half of Air Boom, has been suspended 60 days for a second violation of the WWE Wellness Policy. I used to be a fan of Bourne, but no more. There are talented wrestlers all over the world who would give anything for a spot on the WWE roster and Bourne clearly has no respect for the industry or the WWE.

WWE Live Event

Back to the main point of this article, I am usually very critical of the WWE and the state of pro wrestling in general in 2012. However, I was thrilled to see that the tag team belts changed hands at a live event. A "live event" is WWE vernacular for a non-televised event.

Living in New Orleans, I attend every WWE televised event that comes to town. However, I have never attended a WWE Live Event. The reason is simple. Nothing important ever happens when the cameras aren't rolling at live events. Titles (almost) never change hands. Face and heel turns (literally) never take place. In short, all storylines and angles come to a grinding halt.

If wrestling fans thought there was even a slim chance that something important would happen at live events, they would definitely attend. I certainly would not feel slighted if something important took place and I hadn't seen it on TV. In fact, the WWE could show taped footage of the live event on its next televised program, which happened in this instance.

I commend the WWE for crowning new tag team champions at its live event. It's good for the fans who paid for tickets to attend. Plus, it's good for business. Hopefully, this trend will continue in the future in pro wrestling.

Patrick Michael lives in New Orleans and has always been a big fan of pro wrestling. Patrick's favorite wrestling organization was Mid-South Wrestling back in the 1980s.Patrick's favorite wrestling angle of all-time was the NWO and his favorite wrestler was Roddy Piper.


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Updated Tuesday, Jan 17, 2012