Top Five NFL Players Involved in Charities for Children: A Female’s Perspective

As a female and mother, it is great to see NFL players reach out to children by donating their time, finances or both. It is also encouraging and inspiring to know that professional athletes take the time to give to others. Join me, as I list the top five NFL players involved in charities for children.

#1 Philip Rivers

Philip Rivers is a quarterback for the San Diego Chargers. He is involved in the Rivers of Hope Foundation. Their goal is to assist children who are orphaned, not wanted or left behind by finding them long term families. On Dec. 11, 2011, Rivers gave away 10 tickets, so eight children and two adult chaperones could watch the Chargers play against the Buffalo Bills, a game in which the Chargers won.

#2 Alex Smith

Alex Smith is 28-year-old quarterback for the San Francisco 49ers. He is involved in his foundation called The Alex Smith Foundation. This wonderful program supplies teenagers in foster care with the knowledge and resources necessary to transform into an adult life that is productive.

The newest way to raise money for this charity is the mustache fundraiser. Those interested can help out by growing a mustache, sponsoring someone else growing a mustache or by giving straight to the foundation.

#3 Travis LaBoy

Originally from Hawaii, Travis LaBoy is a linebacker for the San Diego Chargers. His charity is called the Travis LaBoy Foundation, and it benefits children with autism. The goal is to help kids with autism to live a better life, along with their families.

#4 Matt Leinart

Matt Leinart is a quarterback for the Houston Texans. He is involved in the Matt Leinart Foundation, which focuses on providing support and opportunities to help underprivileged youth through centers focused on learning, athletic activities and by making wishes come true.

"With your support, I hope that we will be able to create opportunities for children in need of extra special help." - Matt Leinart

#5 Braylon Edwards

Braylon Edwards is a former wide receiver for the San Francisco 49ers and is now a free agent. It will be interesting to see which NFL team picks up this football player that is involved in the Braylon Edwards Foundation. Edwards' foundation has been around since 2006, and it helps adolescents that are undereducated. In 2009, this charity joined forces with Focus Hope and Feed the Children to supply 400 boxes of food and other items to those in need.

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Updated Monday, Jan 16, 2012