Top Five Yoga Poses for Football Players

Yoga is an excellent way for athletes to warm up, football players included. Hip opening yoga poses (asanas) are important because the hips need to be stretched in order for players to run more speedily. It is also important to stretch the legs and trunk of the body. Before hitting the field, try one of these top five hip opening yoga poses by incorporating them into your warm-up.

Top Five Yoga Poses for Football Players
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#1 Revolved Triangle Pose ( Parivrtta Trikonasana)

Begin your five-step yoga warm-up with the revolved triangle pose because it prepares the body for twists and seated poses, especially those that include forward bends. It also stretches both the hips and spine and alleviates minor back pain. This asana is also a counter pose to the extended triangle pose, so you may consider performing this pose after the revolved triangle pose.

#2 Bound Angle Pose ( Baddha Konasana)

Try to fall forward with a straightened back once getting comfortably in the bound angle pose. This pose will warm-up the knees, hips and inner thighs while alleviating stress, tiredness and minor depression. Aim to hold this asana for at least five breaths.

#3 Fire Log Pose ( Agnistambhasana)

After getting into the fire log pose, lean forward so that the hips are over the your legs if you are able to do so. In addition to stretching the hips, this pose provides an excellent stretch to the groins while relieving stress. Hold this posture for about five breaths before slowly coming out of the asana.

#4 Cow Face Pose ( Gomukhasana)

Aim to sit evenly on both sides once in the cow face pose and hold it for at least 1 minute. This asana stretches the ankles, hips and thighs. It also warms up the chest, shoulders and triceps by providing a super stretch. For an advanced pose, bend forward and allow the torso to rest on the inner top thigh. Try to stay in the forward bend position for at least 20 seconds before breathing in and coming back into the seated pose.

#5 One-Legged King Pigeon Pose ( Eka Pada Rajakapotasana)

Start off in a lunge and slowly make your way into the one-legged king pigeon pose. This asana provides an excellent stretch to the hips, core and thighs. In addition, it stretches the neck, chest and shoulders. Hold this pose for at least 1 minute before gently coming back up into a lunge and repeating the posture on the other side for balance.

If you are a football player who has not tried yoga as a warm-up, try something new.

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Updated Friday, Jan 6, 2012