Top Five NFL Players Who Wear Earrings: A Female’s Perspective

Diamonds and earrings are a girls best friend, but some men in the NFL are quite fond of them as well. Perhaps they wear them to attract female attention since it is hard for a man in earrings to go unnoticed by a women, especially when they are shiny like diamonds or shaped like them.

I have composed a list of the top five NFL players to wear earrings. No. 1 is the football player who sports this piece of jewelry the best.

#5 James Starks

Starting off our countdown at No. 5 is James Starks, a running back for the Green Bay Packers, who wears his earrings well. While it does not appear that Starks has appeared on a cover of a magazine, it is clear from this photo that he is not ashamed of his earrings.

#4 Kevin Ogletree

At No. 4 is Kevin Ogletree, a wide receiver for the Dallas Cowboys. From these pictures we find out that Ogletree has been sporting earrings on both earlobes since at least 2007 when he played for the University of Virginia.

#3 Jacquizz Rodgers

Bringing us to No. 3 is Jacquizz Rodgers, who is a running back for the Atlanta Falcons, and we see him flaunting a pair of decent sized diamond earrings. Any man who is not afraid to take photographs in beautiful geometric shaped earrings is alright in my book. Not only does Rodgers take photos in earrings, he does so with a contagious smile.

#2 Will Allen

Will Allen is No. 2 and a cornerback for the Miami Dolphins. As we view Allen on Sports Illustrated, we get the privilege of viewing his oversized diamond earrings. It takes a man with charm and confidence, such as Allen, to pull off wearings such exquisite jewelry.

In addition to viewing Allen in earrings, we learn that he consumes two hamburgers with cheese before each and every football game.

#1 Antonio Gates

Antonio Gates is a tight end for the San Diego Chargers, and he brings us to No. 1 in our countdown. Since I grew up in San Diego watching the Chargers, Gates is on a favorite team of mine. He wears his earrings with masculine charm on the cover of Pacific San Diego Magazine. The watch and earrings showcased both belong to Gates.

Ladies, do you like men in flashy earrings or do you prefer to keep them for yourselves, and do you agree with my opinion of the NFL player who wears earrings the best?

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Updated Thursday, Dec 29, 2011