Four Sports Women Are Better at Than Men: A Female’s Perspective

I was determined to find proof that women are better than men at certain sports. Guys like to do a lot of bragging, so now it is our turn to do a little boasting of our own.

Women are better than men at long distance running.
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Because females are more flexible in the lower back than males, we are better at my favorite form of exercise-yoga.

A study suggests that women have more flexible and stronger backs than males. Dr. Katherine Whitcome of Harvard University, who led the study, said, "Pregnancy presents an enormous challenge for the female body. The body must change in dramatic ways to accommodate the baby and these changes affect a woman's stability and posture. It turns out that the enhanced curvature and reinforcement of the lower spine are key to maintaining normal activities during pregnancy."

As women, our backs are more bendable because the curvature in the lower spine is over three vertebrae; whereas, the curvature only covers two vertebrae in men. In addition, our joints are bigger and go farther down the spine than men's joints do, which gives our spines greater strength.


Because women are more flexible than men and often learn proper technique faster, they have an advantage over men when it comes to taekwondo. Men also tend to have bigger egos that get them into trouble because they spend time getting upset and tense. Women also have the benefit of multitasking, which comes in handy during taekwondo. That's right girls, start throwing the punches!

Long distance running

Some men may try to argue this fact, but women have been shown to be better than men at long distance running. In a study done by scientists at UCT, males started out stronger and faster in the beginning of a run, but at the 56 km mark both males and females were shown to run at about the same speed. Furthermore, women began to outrun men near the 65 km mark.

My husband has even been outran in races by pregnant women!


While I cannot outright prove that women are better at swimming, I can provide evidence showing that more men drown than women. Is that because women are better swimmers than men? It could be because we are better, but it may also be because more men participate in swimming and are more likely to take risks. So, maybe we are just smarter swimmers than males are.

We as females, really are super women. We give birth, cook, clean and are better than men in at least four sports.

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Updated Wednesday, Dec 7, 2011