One Armed MMA Fighter ‘Notorious’ Nick Newell Excites Fans at XFC 15

MMA fans were delighted and inspired by "Notorious" Nick Newell's win over Denis "the Menace" Hernandez at XFC 15 on December 2, 2011. Nick is 5' 10" and fights in the 155 lbs. weight division. He's currently enjoying a six fight win streak including his current win over Hernandez.

What makes Nick Newell different from most (nearly all) of the fighters working their way up the MMA rankings, is the fact that he fights with one hand, not two.

One-Armed MMA Fighter

XFC 15 was shown live on HDNet. Here's the video of Nick's fight with Denis Hernandez.

Six fight win streak. All first round wins. Five by submission (one heel hook, two RNC and two arm locks) and one TKO. Except for that TKO, Nick reminds me of Ronda Rousey, the Strikeforce fighter who's won all of her professional fights by arm lock in the first round. Both Ronda and Nick are interesting, inside and outside of the cage.

"Inside MMA" caught up with Nick in this segment: "One-armed fighter Nick Newell talks with Ron Kruck prior to his fight at XFC 15" video

The video tells the story of how Nick ended up at XFC 15. summed up the story: "XFC 15 was a tribute event honoring the late Abi Mestre, who was Nick's long-time friend and training partner. Abi was in a contractual agreement to fight for XFC, but he got into a motorcycle accident on the way home from training."

Fans Inspired by "Notorious" Nick Newell

I visited Nick's Facebook page to leave my congratulations for him winning his fight. This update (taken directly from the page as written) from Jasmine Casillas expressed how I felt after watching Nick's fight too: "After I watched you take down that guy and almost broke his leg with only one arm, my dad told me to never say I can't. With your handicap and success, I've learned that I can do anything if I have the right attitude and put my mind to it. Thank you for showing me that you can do anything if you put your mind to it. You're amazing and inspiring to me and I can't wait to see more of your fights."

"Notorious" Nick Newell responded to his fans on Facebook with the following (taken directly from the page as written): "Thank you to everybody last night for making a hard working kid with a dream feel like a rock star. It is literally impossible to respond every message that was send my way. I have over 500, this is the coolest I have ever felt in my life no doubt. If you have a serious question resend it to me tomorrow and I gaurentee I'll get back to you. Thank you soo much, love you all. This is the start of many great things to come."

I watch fights nearly every weekend. My attention was instantly drawn to Nick as his story unfolded as part of his introduction at XFC 15. I paid close attention because I couldn't imagine a man fighting with one hand.

Mixed martial arts is complicated for most of us who practice the sport. There's always a new move to learn or an area to develop. I'm fascinated by how Nick adapts the moves to be an effective striker and a deadly ground fighter. I'm even more interested in learning about how his opponents prepare to fight someone like Nick.

I'll definitely be following "Notorious" Nick Newell's MMA career as he develops at XFC. It would be super fantastic to see Nick—a one armed man—fight in the UFC.

I'm looking forward to the next time I hear HDNet fight announcer, Michael "The Voice" Schiavello, screaming, "Good night, Irene! A standing-freaking-ovation!", the next time Notorious Nick wins a fight.

Source: fighter stats from, Facebook

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Updated Sunday, Dec 4, 2011