Johnny Narron Leaving Rangers to Become Hitting Instructor for the Brewers: Fan’s View

The Texas Rangers did not lose Mike Maddux to the Cubs or Red Sox, but will be losing assistant hitting instructor Johnny Narron to the Milwaukee Brewers. They also stand the chance of losing Thad Levine or A.J. Preller to the Astros as they are searching for a new general manager. Narron will be taking over the hitting instructor position for the Brewers that Dale Sveum formerly held. Sveum left the Brewers to become the manager of the Chicago Cubs, which was the same position that Maddux had been in for.

Narron is best known as the key member of Josh Hamilton's support network. Narron was hired by the Rangers when the acquired Hamilton in a trade with the Cincinnati Reds in 2007 and has been by Hamilton's side since his return to professional baseball. Narron had worked with the Reds in 2007 as a video coordinator, but most importantly in was a similar role to the one he served with the Rangers. It was a position that allowed him to be close to Hamilton on a daily basis. Before his work with the Reds and Rangers, Narron had worked in the Brewers' system as a hitting coach and manager.

Narron will be missed in Texas, because of his role in Hamilton's life, but his work with the Rangers' hitters may be overlooked during his departure. Narron was officially the assistant hitting instructor for the Rangers in 2011 and it could not have come at a better time. The Rangers did not get off to the smoothest start in 2011 after Thad Bosley had been hired to take over as hitting instructor for Clint Hurdle. Bosley clashed with many of the Rangers' players and was replaced by Scott Coolbaugh in June. Many Rangers' players credited Narron with their success at the plate during the time Bosley was the hitting instructor and also once he was replaced with Coolbaugh. The Rangers are in great hands with Coolbaugh, but Narron will be missed as he proved in 2011 that his role was not only with Hamilton, but the entire club.

The Rangers continue to have ties with the Brewers. The Brewers general manager is Doug Melvin who served in the same capacity with the Rangers between 1994 and 2001 and Mike Maddux also served as the Brewers' pitching coach before taking over the same position with the Rangers. Melvin has shown he is one of the top general managers in baseball and Maddux shown he is in the elite class when it comes to pitching coaches. Narron will be missed in Texas for his role in Hamilton's life and his role with the Rangers' hitters.

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Updated Monday, Nov 28, 2011