Middlebury Celebrates Their Fifth Quidditch World Cup Win

Vermont Middlebury College continues a winning streak by defeating the University of Florida on November 13, 2011 in the Quidditch World Cup Finals. This event took place in New York City at Randall's Island and it was an amazing (albeit not surprising) victory for Middlebury. They walked away with their fifth Quidditch World Cup Win in a row and maintained their position as reigning champions in the sport.

Photo of the Slytherin Muggle Quidditch team at Millikin University. October 2006.
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This small college in Vermont came up with the original idea to create an official sport of Quidditch based on the fictional game played in the Harry Potter movies but with a few modifications for "Muggles" (non magical folk).

The Quidditch World Cup Finals of 2011 was a huge two-day event in which thousands of people attended. The atmosphere surrounding the event was festive and everyone was filled with excitement and anticipation as they waited and watched to see who would win the World Cup this year. There were many games and other events to enjoy along with the main attraction and there was plenty of great food to go around for everyone.

Approximately 100 teams showed up to take part in this popular event. Each team is made up of four players and they began the tournament by grouping five teams together to compete against each other. The winner of each group will move on to the next round until every team is eliminated but one. In this case, the last two teams to compete were Vermont Middlebury College and the University of Florida.

At the beginning of the game, Florida was on top and it was starting to look like Middlebury's winning streak was coming to end. However, things soon turned around and Middlebury began taking the lead to win the Quidditch World Cup Finals for a fifth time. They scored around 116 points and then captured the "golden snitch" for the win.

Since the introduction of Quidditch in 2007, Middlebury has competed in and won every World Cup competition. They will certainly plan to compete next year, too in hopes of continuing their winning streak with their sixth win in a row. However, there will be many teams hoping to be the one to walk away with the win so we'll have to wait and see what happens. Will anyone be able to take the crown away from Middlebury when it comes to Quidditch?

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Updated Saturday, Nov 19, 2011