Team Orton Vs Team Barrett: Survivor Series Fan Preview

When these two teams lock horns in a traditional Survivor Series tag match, the fireworks are sure to follow. Team Orton and Team Barrett are both loaded, and either team could win. Randy Orton is certainly no stranger to Survivor Series matches, and Wade Barrett is used to leading as well. Barrett was the one that ushered The Nexus into the WWE and we all know the huge impact that had on the WWE landscape. Here is a look at the participants and what they bring to the table for each team .

Team Randy Orton

Randy Orton - Orton is the Apex Predator of the WWE, and he is almost certainly the most deadly wrestler in this match with the possible exception of Sheamus. His RKO is a formidable weapon and will likely play a part in the decision.

Sheamus - Sheamus to me is the most dominant big man in the WWE not named Mark Henry. If he is still around late in the match, you can bet he will be a huge part of the win. Team Barrett would do well to eliminate him as early as possible.

Sin Cara - Sin Cara is here for speed and unpredictability. Because he can hit you from a million directions, Sin Cara forces the opposition to be thinking all the time. If any member of Team Barrett loses concentration, they will pay with Sin Cara around.

Kofi Kingston - Kofi is an all around athlete that will bring this Survivor Series match to new levels. He is like a hybrid of Orton and Sin Cara.

Mason Ryan - Mr. Ryan is a powerhouse that has not yet learned to harness that power. Once he does, the man will be dominant. For now, he is a loaded cannon that can be dangerous or a mistake waiting to happen. Nobody knows which one shows up for sure.

Team Wade Barrett

Wade Barrett - Barrett is a very cerebral competitor that has shown he has what it takes to beat anyone, including Orton himself. If he is on his game, the man could walk away the victor.

Cody Rhodes - Rhodes certainly will be a solid competitor in this match and will bring anger and attitude to the team. Rhodes also has shown that he is a solid champion as he has held on to that Intercontinental Belt for quite a while.

Christian - Christian brings loads of experience, but a bit of a selfish agenda to the match. Christian is doing nothing that will not further his career right now. That is the direction of his character right now.

Jack Swagger - Swagger, like Christian, is all about himself. While that may be true, Swagger is capable of beating anyone at anytime, as his World Heavyweight Championship reign showed.

Hunico - See Sin Cara above. All the same applies here.

My prediction for this Survivor Series match up

While Team Barrett has plenty of firepower, Team Orton has a much more cohesive unit. Barrett has a number of guys that are only about themselves, and will walk away if things are not going to help their careers. Orton's clan will fight to the bitter end. This will be why Team Orton wins the match. Perhaps the WWE will let this be the push that Mason Ryan needs to move up in the company and gain some respect. If they let him win the match for Team Orton, that would go a long ways towards building a superstar. *Southern is a lifelong wrestling fanatic that was in Greensboro, NC on the night that "The Four Horsemen" came to be. While he enjoys today's product, he still misses the good old days of the NWA. His favorites range from Chris Jericho to Mil Mascaras.

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Updated Sunday, Nov 13, 2011