Mind Ball: The Weirdest Not so SciFi Sport

Sure, we have all seen interesting special effects and science fiction movies that involve using the power of the mind to play games and move physical objects. Does this mean it could be possible that this weird version of sports is a present reality? As it turns out, technology like this was first thought of as early as the mid-1970s in Sweden. Today, this biofeedback legacy has produced a toy called the MindBall that can only be defined as a strange sport.

What makes MindBall tick

In the world of science, EEG biofeedback or neurofeedback is type of knowledge that actively uses different parts of the fields of neurology, technology, physiology, and electronics. A good example of a biofeedback machine is the lie detector test. However, an EEG is used to directly capture the biofeedback of the electrical storms inside your head. Once this data is collected, it can used to in a computer program to make machines do certain things.

How to play MindBall

Released in 2008, as the name suggests, you use your mind to play with a ball. The website indicates that a good MindBall player will make sure their brain electricity is not too stormy. This means being relaxed makes you a good MindBall athlete.

The first version of the game that was released involves sitting at a table with an opponent wearing a special headband. Keep in mind, this game is nothing like playing Pong. Instead of a computer generated image that you move with your mind, you really move a physical ball that rests between you and your opponent.

Will Ball, Psycho Dice, BrainBall and Mood Ball

At the Interactive Productline website, you learn that MindBall was based on a game by another Swedish company called BrainBall. Despite this, the BrainBall from Smart Studio at The Interactive Institute is based on the Will Ball developed by Charles Wehrenberg in 1973. Since Will Ball and it's stepper motors were introduced, the personal computer has taken over. Before the solitaire BrainBall, there was also Mood Ball and the psycho-kinetic Psycho Dice.

Coming to an arcade near you

Is it possible that IKEA started to influence their fellow Swedes into making this game have a few more furniture options? Incidentally, later versions of MindBall were changed to include the presence or absence of furniture. They also turned out an arcade and cruise ship option for the game by making it coin operated.

There are not any current championships for this weird sport, and that means it is up to you to get one started. Get involved with a local MindBall club in your community or start one of your own with a Facebook page.

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Updated Sunday, Oct 30, 2011