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There’s going to be a musical about Justine Henin’s life

The life and career of tennis star Justine Henin will be the subject of an upcoming musical according to a popular Belgian magazine. The seven-time Grand Slam champion will make a brief cameo in the show, which will feature songs, dance and text.

Busted Racquet suggests a few musical numbers that should be included in the show:

My Favorite Things (from "The Sound of Music")

Sample lyric: Raindrops on roses and whiskers on kittens/one-handed backhands and scowls like I'm bitten.

The Rain in Spain (from "My Fair Lady")

Sample lyric: My gains in Spain stayed mainly on the clay

Sixteen Going on Seventeen (from "The Sound of Music")

Sample lyric: You are 16, going on 17/fellows will fall in line/young lads named Yves-Pierre/your family will think is swine.

I Feel Petty (based on "I Feel Pretty" from "West Side Story")

Sample lyric: I feel petty/Oh so petty/I feel petty, and vicious and mean/And I pity poor Serena/but I won the match and she didn't

The Impossible Dream (from "Man of La Mancha")

Sample lyric: To dream the impossible dream/to fight the unbeatable foe/to make two Wimbledon finals/and lose in three sets in them both

Confrontation (from "Les Miserables")

Sample lyric (singing in counterpoint): Kim ClijstersBefore you say another word, Henin/before you beat me in a Slam again/listen to me/there is something I must do.

Henin: Women like you can never change/women like you can never change/You know nothing of Henin/come with me 24601.

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