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None of the fashions worn at the 2010 Australian Open were as bad as Maria Sharapova's infamous peacock dress. But that doesn't mean a few didn't come close.

Here is Busted Racquet's comprehensive rundown of the fashion dos and don'ts at the first Grand Slam of the season:

Look, I'm prepared to like you Caroline Wozniacki, but not if you continue to wear dresses that look like they were designed by Ed Hardy for 1896 Olympics.

For her next comeback, Justine Henin will return to the Greek national soccer team.

It's like someone at Nike missed a deadline and threw some sailing flags on a shirt at the last second. And sleeveless works if you're Rafa. But not if you have muscles like, well, me.

This yellow get-up from adidas is a refreshing change. 

Huh. Yellow must be the new black.

Oh, come on!

What, were they handing these out from the back of a truck or something? Please, ladies ... something new. Anything.

Well maybe not anything.

Which was most embarrassing for Elena Dementieva, you think? Wearing the same thing as Elena Baltacha? That wearing the same thing as Elena Baltacha consisted of putting on a dress that looks like something she stole from Billie Jean King's 1970s closet? Or is it the two patches that would be more fitting at the final table of the World Series of Poker?

Why does this work for Rafa and nobody else?

This isn't terrible per se, but it was pretty cool when Andy Murray wore Fred Perry. Now that he's with adidas he's like the indie band that signed with a major label, assuming said indie band liked neon armpit vents. 

Dear Bernard Tomic, Ralph Macchio called. He wants his outfit back.

You know, the yellow is starting to grow on me. Of course, Ana Ivanovic could wear Dementieva's green and white pointy dress and I'd still be effusive in my praise.

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