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Andre Agassi might be 11 years older than Roger Federer, have eight less Grand Slams and possess infinitely less hair atop his head, but when it comes to tennis trick shots, the former American tennis star doesn't need to resort to CGI fakery.

This summer, a viral video of Federer hitting a can off the top of someone's head became an Internet sensation. The luster was lost a little bit when it was presumed that special effects were used to create the video. (We here at Busted Racquet proved that such trickery wasn't necessary.)

In a new online ad for Head, Agassi doesn't use a human target to prove the accuracy of his rocket groundstrokes, but they're still pretty awesome nonetheless:

I'm inclined to believe this is real, only because I'm sure with enough attempts Agassi could hit the posts. We're seeing a cut commercial culled from many takes, not his first attempts. It's easier to miss shooting at an inanimate object rather than at a guy standing with a bottle on his head.

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