FC Schalke 04

9th Bundesliga | 9-10-6
  • Goals For
    32 GF
  • Assists
    23 GA
  • Shots
    223 Shots
  • Saves
    57 SAV
  • Max Meyer could leave Schalke this summer
    Cartilage Free Captain

    Max Meyer could leave Schalke this summer

    On the last day of the transfer window, Tottenham Hotspur put a large, somewhat cheeky bid in for 21-year old Schalke midfielder Max Meyer, with reports suggesting it was as large as €45m. It was rejected. Spurs moved on to other targets. But now, Bild (£) is suggesting that Meyer might be on the verge of leaving Schalke for greener pastures, which are leading some to wonder whether Spurs might re-open their courtship of the German playmaker. Meyer said himself that it’s “50-50” whether he’s going to be with Schalke at the start of next season. The full article is behind a paywall, but here are the quotes, as printed in ESPN: "There have been no further talks," Meyer, who has completed the full