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Balotelli quad bike

Good news if you own a large mansion in the Alderly Edge area of Cheshire: Mario Balotelli just made your property price drop even further!

Having recently moved from a city apartment to a sprawling countryside retreat — presumably to provide more space for his "girlfriends" — the impossible-to-predict Man City star has invested in a quad bike, seen above sitting in his driveway. The Sun has therefore decided that the striker has converted his delicately appointed back yard into a race track, finally giving them good cause for a Super Mario Kart headline. A completely made-up source said:

"Mario absolutely loves playing sport, whether it's football, swimming, karate or judo. But with the quad bike he has the speed too.

"He's moved from an apartment block to a country house and has been tearing around now there's no one to complain about the noise."

Balotelli is currently staying in/destroying a hotel (you may recall that a recent incident with some fireworks caused some damage to his bathroom) so we have yet to see him riding his new toy, but I'm sure his neighbors will appreciate the sight of a nouveau riche 21-year-old maniac as he smashes through their French windows at break neck speed with an Italian prostitute on the back.

Image: The Sun

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