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A Colombian jeweler has acquired the first ever rights to make 2,010 official rings for this summer's World Cup. Inspired by rings awarded to the champions in American sports, 270 artisans are feverishly attempting to complete the elaborate emerald and South African diamond encrusted rings made of platinum, white gold and silver, which will cost between $2,500 and $250,000.

From Reuters:

The jewelry will include seven platinum rings to be sold for $250,000 apiece, each encrusted with 220 emeralds. Thirty three white gold rings are being made for $70,000 per piece, each with 36 emeralds and an array of South African diamonds.

There will also be 1,970 rings made of gold and silver which will be sold for $2,500 each. Each ring in this set will feature four emeralds.

One of those seven special platinum rings will be given to FIFA president Sepp Blatter, while one of the white gold rings will be donated to UNICEF and another of the white gold rings will be awarded to whichever player is voted the World Cup's most valuable.

In the future, the hope is to award the rings to the members of the team that wins the tournament, but, to recap, as it stands now Sepp Blatter gets one of the seven most valuable rings, the tournament's best player gets one of the less valuable white gold rings, and the winning team gets no rings. Considering this is FIFA we're talking about, that sounds about right, but I'm guessing MVP candidates won't complain much. They might have something to say about the design of that thing, though.

[Video: Watch a video of the World Cup trophy being unveiled in S. Korea.]

More pictures of the work in progress rings right this way...

Photoes: Reuters

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