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Man United held their annual Big United Quiz for MUTV and contrary to what you might assume, Wayne Rooney proved to be a master at charades. Teamed with Ryan Giggs and Jonny Evans, Rooney was tasked with miming the film title "Bend it like Beckham."

He immediately focused on the last word of the title and first tried to prompt his teammates by referencing the fact that Beckham was their club's No. 7. But that didn't work. Then he did a long hair motion and that didn't work either. Finally, getting desperate, he acted out the time Alex Ferguson angrily launched a boot at Beckham's head, disregarding the fact that Alex Ferguson was sitting right there as he did it.

Ferguson perked up the first time he did it, as if he couldn't believe this was happening. And once a laughing Ryan Giggs guessed correctly, Ferguson smiled and said, "This is going to cost you." We can only assume that Ferguson later plucked every new hairplug out of Rooney's head one by one as punishment.

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Dirty Tackle

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