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Liverpool are reborn!!! Even though they only managed a draw against Wigan.

Anyway, as they attempt to build on the momentum of their win over Chelsea and their new owner's beautiful wife in their match against Stoke this weekend, the team engaged in a rigourous training session on Friday that involved wrestling yoga balls.

Let's take a closer look.

Oh God! It seems that touching that red ball is making Steven Gerrard's face turn red. That can't be good. Still, "Sussudio" must be playing because that's pretty much the only thing that can make him smile like that. 

Ryan Babel during the eight seconds a day that he isn't on Twitter. 

Blonde fight!

Fernando Torres apparently isn't a fan of sharing.

Who needs to wrestle a ball when you can just wrestle each other? Weeeeeeeeeee!

"And then I told Poulsen that I have better hair and he started crying and then a horse sat on my car. It was hilarious! The end." 

All photos: LiverpoolFC.tv

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Dirty Tackle

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