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The New York Cosmos continued to put actual MLS teams with actual players to shame in the hype department on Wednesday, not only by bringing on Eric Cantona as Director of Soccer, but paying for this massive display in Times Square to proclaim their return. While saying "we're back" might be more than a couple years premature considering that lack of a stadium or, you know, a team, they're already more real in the minds of many people around the world than existing MLS teams with their players and their games and such.

The Cantona announcement alone seems to have very easily had more articles published about it from outlets around the U.S. and abroad than the MLS Cup final, the league's three drafts this offseason and anything else not involving David Beckham or Thierry Henry.

Now, should MLS turn into a full-blown circus and implode in a blaze of glory? Of course not. But a little showmanship and a little madness never hurt anybody. Just as long as they don't take Cantona's advice and pull all of the league's money out of the bank. 

Photo via the official Facebook page of MLS. A league the Cosmos aren't even a part of. 

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