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New Brazil manager Mano Menezes fell victim to the heinous crime of having his official Twitter account hacked on Sunday night. When he awoke on Monday morning, he found that the last message from his account stated, "Follow my best friend @BozoFamous Thank you #bozofamous" and had the terribly photoshopped picture above attached to it.

Once Menezes realized what had happened and that he isn't actually friends with Bozo the Clown, he alerted his 1.5 million followers that, "As you saw, my Twitter account was invaded. Please ignore the last message posted on my behalf. I have reported the incident."  

Now we are left to wonder who could have possibly done this to Mano. Well, not "wonder" so much as assume it was a bitter Dunga who now has lots of free time to troll Twitter. 

Mano isn't the only Brazilian star Bozo claims to be friends with, though...

I think this one is totally real. I mean, just look at how excited/terrified Kaka appears there.

Source: ESPN Brasil

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Dirty Tackle

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