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Bayern Munich lifted the Bundesliga trophy/He-Man shield after their 3-1 win over Hertha Berlin and when the time came for Louis van Gaal's traditional dousing in beer from enviably mammoth glasses, he decided to flee. He didn't get it as good as Harry Redknapp earlier in the week, but he did manage to make Uli Hoeness giggle.

Meanwhile, Franck Ribery celebrated by making himself look like an undercover Ronaldo McDonald...

On Sunday, they took the party back to Munich and wore their finest Lederhosen, which apparently made van Gaal want to end it all by jumping off the balcony at City Hall. 

There were more than 25,000 people there to catch him, though (with Holger Badstuber holding the trophy and wearing a ball hat).

They also had some kind of magic beer.

Jose Mourinho better take this magic beer factor into account when making his Champions League final preparations. He might need to come up with some kind of voodoo wine coolers or something. 

Photo: Getty Images; Previously: Bayern Munich's boozy, sweat-soaked title celebration in pictures  

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Dirty Tackle

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