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The Mexican Clausura semifinal second leg between Morelia and Cruz Azul was a bit of a mess. After losing the first leg 2-0, Morelia stormed back to win the second leg 3-0 and advance on an aggregate score of 3-2. And it was shortly after the 88th minute winner that the violence took over. First, a Cruz Azul fan invaded the pitch and confronted his own team's players, sparking a brawl between them and Morelia that resulted in three red cards -- two for Cruz Azul's Isaac Romo and Christian Gimenez and one for Morelia's Miguel Sabah.

As ugly as that was, the worst incident of the night wasn't noticed until after the final whistle blew. At first it might seem as if Cruz Azul goalkeeper Jesus Corona was holding hands with Morelia assistant coach Sergio Martin while they had a nice chat, but it soon becomes clear that there was nothing nice about it and oh my God -- Corona just blasted him in square in the face with a wicked headbutt. That was like the falcon punch of headbutts. The referee didn't see this happen since he was distracted by the other brawling players, but luckily the TV cameras did. And I'm guessing all of those slow motion replays will add up to a ban for Jesus.

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Dirty Tackle

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