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The People's Republic of China is known more for human rights violations and terrifyingly well coordinated Olympic opening ceremonies than salacious advertising campaigns, but that could all be about to change. The land of censored internet may not be involved in South Africa 2010, but it could attract one of the world's biggest television audiences.

China Central Television is broadcasting all 64 matches of the tournament on its free-to-air channel, which can be picked up by 97 per cent of the nation's 1.3 billion citizens - for those without Lampard-esque IQs, that's about 1.26 billion people who could be tuning in to the Greatest Show on Earth.

To raise awareness of the World Cup, China didn't enlist Homer Simpson or create a bizarre reenactment of the Star Wars cantina like us misguided westerners. Gosh no, they're far more sophisticated than that. They gathered 22 scantily-clad ladies together at a Changchun shopping center and made them kick a ball around in the mud until neither team was discernable from the other.

Classy stuff.

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Dirty Tackle

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