Top 4 Ski Sponsorships to Apply for in 2012

Are you an amateur skier or ski event planner who dreams of securing a ski sponsorship this year? It is possible, you know. Take it from me. I've been securing assorted sponsorships for years. One way to increase your chances of sponsorship success is to make as many industry contacts as you can, and that process starts with submitting at least one sponsorship proposal a month.


Here are a few that you may want to consider applying for:

1. Sno Life

Have you ever heard of Sno Life? It is a winter apparel company based in Eagle, Colo., that is entertaining sponsorship requests from skiers through Sept. 14, 2012. Sponsorship benefits vary and may range from discounts on products to free products depending on your qualifications. You can apply online through the Sno Life HookIt webpage.

2. Sno Fab

SnowFab is a ski hardgoods supplier that is based in San Diego, Calif. Part of what makes it a good company to consider sending a proposal to is its wide reaching connections within the ski industry. It works with multiple established brands, which could potentially increase your exposure to ski industry insiders exponentially. Sponsorship requests should be made online through the Snow Fab HookIt website prior to Dec. 31, 2015.

3. SteelMX/SMX Optics

SteelMX/SMX Optics is a ski goggles and sun glasses manufacturer that is based in Mantoloking, Ohio. It is currently accepting sponsorship requests from skiers and benefits tend to range from discounted to free product offerings depending on your application.

Even though you have until Sept. 6, 2015, to submit your sponsorship proposal, I'd suggest that you get it in as soon as possible. This way you have a chance to build a relationship with the company before the start of the 2013 ski season. In general, companies are more apt to enter into larger sponsorship opportunities with skiers that it has developed an extensive relationship with.

4. White Apes

White Apes is another company you may want to consider contacting with a ski sponsorship request. It is located in Gilbert, Ariz., and sells action sports accessories like ski goggles and gloves. One word of caution, though: You have to have more than just mad skiing skills to secure one. The company reps will want to see your competitive record as well as feel confident that you will represent their brand properly. You should also know its products well. You have until Nov. 1, 2012, to get your online applications in.

My family enjoys winter sports. In addition, I have experience securing event sponsorships.

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Updated Monday, Jan 9, 2012