The Best Senior Ice Hockey Skates

Anyone who plays hockey knows that having a high-quality, well-fitting pair of skates is crucial. If a skate isn't comfortable, then it can negatively affect your stability and maneuverability.

When it comes to selecting a senior ice hockey skate—which doesn't mean a skate for senior citizens, only an adult model not designed for youth hockey—I think these five are the best:

Bauer Vapor X 5.0 Senior Ice Hockey Skates ($329.99)

If you are a competitive hockey player, you should be happy to have these great skates. They are ideal for acceleration and quick turns because they are constructed with a lightweight tech mesh. Also, these skates feel natural and comfortable to wear, as they have anatomical heel and ankle support combined with foam ankle pads. However, they are on the expensive side.

Tour Hockey Code Carbon Men's Ice Hockey Skate ($139.99)

I think these modestly priced hockey skates work well for players of any ability. Their biggest advantage is giving you great protection, which is achieved with a graphite carbon and nylon fiber composition. And with their comfort quilted lining and pro-level support system, these skates will provide you with excellent stability.

CCM U+12 Senior Ice Hockey Skates ($399.99)

This pair of skates does an amazing job of fitting well to your feet. The secret is a material called U Foam, which works by being heat reactive to conform to each foot individually. This is very helpful in maximizing energy transfer. Another advantage to these skates is the deep heel pockets, since they give great support for your ankles. The downside to this pair is obvious: It's one of the priciest models on the market.

Reebok 7K Pump Senior Ice Hockey Skates ($249.99)

These Reebok skates are a good choice whether you play offense or defense. They stand apart from other brands by using Reebok's famous Pump technology so that you can control how much air is in the internal chamber, and that individualizes fit for better stability. Additionally, these ice skates are surprisingly lightweight and durable, thanks to their synthetic reinforced composite.

Easton Synergy EQ3 Senior Ice Hockey Skates ($97.97)

I would rate these skates as the best pair for under $100. Although the price is low, the quality certainly isn't. Interestingly, the entire skate is a composite structure, and this works well for giving you durability and power. The microfiber lining is another good touch. While I wouldn't recommend this pair to top-level hockey players, they are more than adequate for almost everyone else.

Floyd Saunders is a native of snowy Minnesota. He has been a downhill and cross-country skier since childhood, and he has dabbled in snowboarding, snowshoeing, hockey, and ice fishing.

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Updated Monday, Nov 7, 2011