Top 4 Cheap Ice Fishing Tents

Ice fishing can be an expensive hobby. One of the major investments you will make is an ice fishing tent or shelter. A large, high-quality shelter can set you back $700 or more. For those of us on a budget, less expensive options are necessary. Look for smaller size tents instead of buying a large one on the cheap.

Ice fishing in Ontario.
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Spend your money on smaller, highly rated brands, and you won't be sorry.

Shappell FX50 Windbreak

Instead of a fully enclosed ice fishing tent, the Shappell FX50 Windbreak gives you three enclosed sides, a roof and floor. One side remains open, so dress warm. What you give up in size and warmth, you gain in portability and cash outlay. The shelter will fit into smaller cars and it only weights 27 pounds, making it easy to carry. It features a carpeted seat and it sets up in minutes. You can find one at Cabela's for $134.

Clam Corp Ice Fishing Starter Set

Purchasing a starter set can be a great savings. This set by Clam Corp, includes a sled for transporting your ice fishing gear, an auger and the Tamarak ice shelter. The shelter is a 5-foot by 5-foot cube, with a single door and two windows. The tent's pop-up design makes set up a breeze. One drawback is the height. With only 5 feet off head space, larger individuals will have to crouch. Bring a chair as the Ice Fishing Starter Set does not include one. Bass Pro Shops offers this set for $199.99.

Frabill Frontier Ice Fishing Shelter

For just a few more dollars than an ice fishing windbreak, you can get a quality two-person tent from Frabill. The Frontier Ice Fishing Shelter offers a complete enclosure with a heavy-duty zipper and 300 Denier tent fabric to protect you from the elements. The shelter is floorless, and you need to provide you own chairs. The tent comes with a zippered case and an anchor kit. You can purchase one from Bass Pro Shops for $149.99.

2011 KillZone Ice Fishing Shanty

Get this one direct from KillZone for $124.99 and save $75. The Ice Fishing Shanty features room for two fisherman with gear, four removable windows with shields, auger-style stakes and a six-foot by six-foot floor. The 600 Denier fabric will keep you warm and dry. The steel hub frame is easy to use. The price and quality make this an excellent entry-level ice fishing tent.

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Updated Tuesday, Nov 8, 2011