Snowboarding Year-Round at the Liberty Mountain Snowflex Centre in Lynchburg, VA

Located in Central Virginia on top of Liberty University's mountain is the most unique snowboarding slope in North America. The Liberty Mountain Snowflex Centre in Lynchburg, Virginia is the nation's first and only synthetic ski and snowboarding slope that remains operable year-round due to its very unique Snowflex system.


The Snowflex system was designed and invented by Brian Thomas of Briton Engineering in England and is known as the most innovative terrain technology of its kind. Snowflex is a synthetic material designed to mimic snow. A misting system runs along the slope keeping it moist, maximizing speed and ensuring a gripping-edge control for maneuvering turns, extreme jumps and flips. This unique slope material consists of multiple layers for added cushioning for a softer landing.


The Liberty Mountain Snowflex Centre offers a short beginner training course before advancing to the 500-foot intermediate and expert runs. There is a huge jump in the intensity level between the beginner slope and the more advanced slopes. The slopes offer many freestyle features but are limited only to expert snowboarders.


Proper attire is mandatory. Clothes should consist of long-sleeve shirts, pants and gloves. Windbreaker material is recommended because clothes can become damp as a result of the misting system lining the slopes.


The price to snowboard is very reasonable. Cost runs from $5.00 an hour Monday through Thursday and $7.00 an hour during the weekend. These fees don't include equipment rental which runs an additional $12.00 for board rental. Lessons are also offered by certified staff.

This year-round snowboarding adventure is the only one to be found in the United States. It provides a great training ground during the off-season of other snowboarding locations. Skiing and tubing are available as well.

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Updated Friday, Oct 28, 2011