Family’s Guide to Snowboarding at Mountain Creek in New Jersey

Are you looking for a place to go snowboarding in New Jersey this winter? If so, I would recommend that you consider Mountain Creek on Route 94 in Vernon. It is a place that my family and I have been to on many occasions. It is located less than one hour from New York City, consists of four mountain peaks and 167 acres of trails that will keep you busy for hours. Here's what you need to know if you decide to go:

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About the trails

Some of the best freestyle snowboarding at the facility takes place in the Arena area. The staff also keeps it well lit for those who want to take advantage of those twilight hour discounts. I should caution you though; it is not the place for beginners. If you are new to the sport, consider the Twist Park area instead. Those with moderate to advanced snowboarding skills should consider checking out the South Peak and Big Bear areas. Both feature consecutive jumps and cliff drop offs of varying degrees of difficulty. South Park is the bigger of the two but Bear Park's Kamikaze rail garden was always a big hit with the kids. It is one of the most difficult and not for the faint hearted.

About the price

Lift tickets range in price from $37 to $63 per person. Looking to snowboard on the cheap? Consider scheduling your trip for mid-week, weekends or holidays after 3 p.m. when the tickets are traditionally the cheapest. That's what we would usually opt for. During those times a family of four may expect to dish out anywhere from $156 to $184 for tickets. I'd also recommend that you consider investing in either a Season Pass or Triple Play Card if you plan on going there more than once this season.

My family and I use to live near Mountain Creek and would go there often.

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Updated Thursday, Oct 20, 2011