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'Walle' Crowned World's Ugliest Dog

'Walle' Crowned World's Ugliest Dog (ABC News)

Walle wins World’s Ugliest Dog contest

June 21, 2013

Meet the contestants of the World’s Ugliest Dog Contest. The 25th annual contest ran at the Sonoma-Marin Fair in Petaluma, California, on Friday, June 21. Walle, a four-year-old mutt from Chico, Calif., won the title and $1,500.

"This dog looked like he's been photo-shopped with pieces from various dogs and maybe a few other animals," judge Brian Sobel said, according to The Canadian Press.

Walle, a mix of beagle, boxer and basset hound, was entered at the last minute. Check out his formidable competition in the photos below.