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In this photo provided by Olympictorch2014.com, Olympic torch bearer Evgeniy Komarov rides a bicycle with an Olympic torch at a velodrome during the torch relay in Saransk, Mordoviya republic, Russia, Thursday, Jan. 9, 2014. The 65,000-kilometer (40,389 mile) Sochi torch relay, which started on Oct. 7, is the longest in Olympic history. The torch has traveled to the North Pole on a Russian nuclear-powered icebreaker and has even been flown into space. (AP Photo/Olympictorch2014.com)

Unique journey of the Sochi Olympic torch

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From the North Pole to a volcano to outer space, the Olympic torch has been on an incredible road to Sochi. This year's torch relay is the longest in Olympic history, the torch will cover 39,000 miles in only four months. Keep track of the incredible journey here!