Top 5 Summer Olympic moments of 2012

No. 4
4. The Queen's leap – London couldn't possibly compete with the sheer spectacle that was the Beijing Opening Ceremony, and wisely chose not to try, instead opting for more restrained dry wit that is the English way. The highlight was undoubtedly the "Queen" and James Bond parachuting out of a helicopter, but performance art honoring everything from the Industrial Revolution to the British Invasion kicked off the 2012 Games in fine, appropriately British style.

Every four years, a city steps forth to host the world in the Summer Olympic Games, and this year, London did not disappoint. Triumph, heartbreak, legendary victory, scandal … as always, every story gets magnified when viewed through an Olympic prism. These were five of the Games' most notable moments, ones we'll remember years from now when we think of these Olympics. And we were all very impressed. – Jay Busbee

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