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Ham Porter/Patrick Renna

Ham Porter/Patrick Renna
Trash-talking catcher Ham Porter was a fan favorite, uttering some of the movie's more memorable lines. He's still reading lines, acting occasionally. After "The Sandlot," he was in "Son in Law" and "The Big Green." More recently, he was on "Boston Public" and appeared in a Funny Or Die video. (20th Century Fox / Getty Images)

The Sandlot Kids: Then & Now

April 8, 2013

In honor of the 20th anniversary of coming-of-age baseball film "The Sandlot," Yahoo! Sports’ Big League Stew blog set out to see what happened to the young actors who starred in the movie. Through the help of cast interviews, a chat with director David M. Evans and good ol' Internet searches, here’s what we found. – Mike Osegueda