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Monsoon Smartphone Photo Challenge

Red rain: Rains and traffic jams go hand in hand in Namma Bengaluru!
by illusions-den

The Great Monsoon Smartphone Photo Challenge 2014

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Skies are overcast, thunder rumbles and lightning crackles. Rain patters, then pours, drenching the landscape and bringing out its earthy, rain-soaked colours. Flowers bloom against the rain-spattered grass, birds court, winged termites take to the air. It's all too much to keep photographers locked up indoors. They emerge in droves and, with their smartphones, click away!

If you're an SLR buff snobbish about smartphone photography, it's time to rethink. Smartphones have produced this collection of stunning images and what you can do is only limited by your creativity.

Our call for entries to The Great Monsoon Smartphone Photo Challenge - Flickr App only drew such an enthusiastic response that our editors spent a few weeks sorting out the most interesting entries.

So here they are. If you own a smartphone, download and use the Flickr smartphone app (available for Windows, Android and iOS) as you go out and shoot the glory of the monsoon while the skies are still dark.

REMEMBER: SMARTPHONE PHOTOS ONLY. Photos taken with any other kind of camera will be removed from the group. Please keep your EXIF intact. Photos without EXIF data will be removed.

Submit your best entries here. We'll continue to update the gallery with the best new pics.