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Golden Handcuffs

"Nothing conveys the Hotel California-esque nature of the bureaucracy more than the image of the golden handcuffs. Good as Gold is sly tip of the hat at the fact that while many will check out few will actually leave. Thumbs up to bondage!

Best Suited For: Signing letters of offer, conducting interviews, cashing cheques, union meetings, family related leave adoption, family related leave appointments, family related leave appointments, family related leave birth, family related leave illness in family, family related leave marriage, family related leave other, lieu days used, other paid leave court, other paid leave injury on duty, other paid leave military, other paid leave other, other paid leave personnel selection, other paid leave special leave, other paid leave travel, personal leave bereavement, personal leave marriage, personal leave, quarantine leave, sick certified, sick uncertified, vacation, volunteer activities leave

Best Paired With: Rising salaries, declining outputs, increasing resistance to change "