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Amazing body art

PICTURE FROM CATERS/Chadwick and Spector. PICTURED - Wedding Portrait after Ventouras. The original was in storage at the National Gallery in Athens. This is the man who really does suffer for his art - staying COMPLETELY STILL for up to 15 hours at a time to be painted. But this is no ordinary still life, bizarrely Chadwick Grays body is actually used as a canvas for his friend and fellow artist, Laura Spector. SEE CATERS COPY..........

Famous paintings recreated on body

For their project “Museum Anatomy,” artists Chadwick Gray and Laura Spector recreated and photographed old paintings from around the world on a human body instead of a canvas. Using 19th century museum portrait paintings as inspiration, the duo recreate the work by projecting the

photograph onto Chadwick's body and repositioning it until they find a

pose that works well (special-effects make-up alone takes 8-15 hours in one sitting). The resulting photos are turned into large prints

and have been exhibited in 12 countries around the world.