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Nokia Lumia 520

The Nokia Lumia Exclusive apps include Nokia Here (previously Maps). These maps can now be used for location based activities and even offline navigation. Nokia Here Drive provides turn by turn navigation and it can also be voice guided. The City Lens app from Nokia brings Augmented Reality by showing nearby places mapped on the display while pointing a camera in the right direction. Apart from that, the social networking apps work like a breeze on this smartphone. More from The Mobile Indian.

Nokia Lumia 520 available for Rs.8,800

The budget segment of

smartphones is the most volatile and competitive in India. With so many

options, an average consumer moving from a simple device to a smartphonec is

often clueless. Nokia recently launched the Lumia 520 amidst Android's clunky

and moderate performance smartphones. Nokia Lumia 520 is the immediate

successor of last year's Lumia 510 smartphone. Nokia Lumia 520 is now available for Rs.8,800. More from The Mobile Indian: