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Sao quyền Anh rải 'mưa tiền' tặng vũ nữ thoát y

Võ sĩ Floyd Mayweather Jr cùng anh bạn ca sĩ Ray J gây sốc khi bỏ ra 50.000 USD thưởng cho dàn mỹ nữ 'trần như nhộng'

Most outrageous, controversial moments of Floyd Mayweather Jr.'s career

Mayweather's antics have made him the hottest pay-per-view draw in boxing, but he's made plenty of enemies and caused plenty of headaches along the way. Will we see another controversial moment on Saturday when the mercurial star fights Robert Guerrero?

Mayweather's least favorite thing to do | Key wins | 'Money' bloody before fight