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In this Thursday, June 6, 2013 photo, Emma Merk, left, and her twin sister, Katie, one of the twenty-four sets of twins from Highcrest Middle School in Wilmette, Ill. pose for a portrait art the school. The group is attempting to break a Guinness World record for the amount of twins in one grade which is currently sixteen sets. (AP Photo/Scott Eisen)

Illinois school boasts 24 sets of twins

In Wilmette, Illinois, Highcrest Middle School can claim the title of the most sets of twins — two dozen of them — in a single grade. Most of the twins are fraternal.

The breakdown: three sets of boy-boy twins, 11 sets of girl-girl twins

and 10 sets of boy-girl twins. The two sets of identical twins are girls. Another fun fact: In two of the pairings are twins who bridged the midnight hour and were born on different days. (AP)