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Scott Patterson

Scott Patterson

You're driving through Connecticut and your car breaks down. And because your life is like a Katherine Heigl movie, you break down in the sweetest town ever, Stars Hollow. You're starving, and you have super-Heigl-high metabolism, so when this grumpy youngish man suggest that you order something hot and fatty, you slam the menu shut and make small talk with him. Six months later, you're married in a gazebo and Lorelai Gilmore is giving you the evil eye, but you don't care because you have a manly husband who can cook for you. That's what happened in the series finale of "Gilmore Girls," right?

#HotScotts: A Lot of TV Actors Who Are Hot Share the Name Scott

Yahoo TV

Let's not pretend that we have a deep concept. We're not trying to shed light on the meaning of names. All we did was notice that a lot of hot guys on TV are named Scott. Does this mean something? Who cares? The parade of hot Scotts begins now. — Caroline Kepnes, Yahoo TV